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  • Coolthings – Everything from gadgets and gizmos to soft plush toys, cool lighting accessories and brain bending puzzles. They accept all major credit cards and electronic funds transfer. Based in Launceston, Tasmania with delivery Australia wide and free gift wrapping. See their Games and Puzzles for some really unusual puzzles and collectable puzzles.
  • Yogee Toys is a Sydney-based online toys store with a huge range of stock from many of the major brands. Orders that are fully paid before 1PM Sydney time are dispatched from their Seven Hills warehouse on the same day. See their Games & Puzzles

3D Earth Crystal Puzzle 3D Earth Crystal Puzzle
Engage your puzzling brain with this 3D Earth Crystal Puzzle. The blue translucent pieces are made of plastic and they interlock together to form a blue representation of the Planet Earth with the continents and oceans accurately represented.
from Coolthings.com.au

3D Eiffel Tower Crystal Puzzle 3D Eiffel Tower Crystal Puzzle
Create Paris famous landmark for your desktop. This 3 dimensional brainteaser of the Eiffel Tower is made from interlocking plastic pieces that look like crystal when completed. Put together the 96 pieces in the correct order to complete the 3d Eiffel Tower and it will be ready for display. Instructions are included but add more challenge by attempting to complete it without using them.
from Coolthings.com.au

3D Glass Shoe Crystal Puzzle 3D Glass Shoe Crystal Puzzle
Did you lose your Glass slipper at the ball Well this one wont fit on your foot but this plastic shoe just like the one worn by Cinderella will look great on your mantelpiece once assembled
from Coolthings.com.au

3D London Bus Crystal Puzzle 3D London Bus Crystal Puzzle
By assembling the interlocking pieces of this puzzle you can complete a bright red 3D London Bus That is if it doesnt send you round the bend with frustration first
from Coolthings.com.au

Brain Master Braille Puzzle Brain Master Braille Puzzle
Can you solve the puzzle with your eyes closed Its perplexing fun for those who are partially sighted blind and even those with perfect vision The ultimate challenge is to solve the puzzle using the Braille only not by sight
from Coolthings.com.au

Brain Master World Puzzle Brain Master World Puzzle
This unique puzzle is a bit mixed up. Containing 8 segments and all the world continents can you find the solution to this mixed up world Similar to that of the Rubiks Cube twist and turn the world back to its original state
from Coolthings.com.au

Choc A Block Puzzle Choc A Block Puzzle
Based on the classic game of Tetris this scrumptiously puzzling game looks just like a block of chocolate If you scramble the pieces can you recreate the chocolate bar It sounds simple but it may take you longer than you think
from Coolthings.com.au

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