10th Birthday Gift Ideas and Presents for 10 Year Olds

Gift Ideas by Age

What do you get for someone who is 10 years old? They’ve reached double digits and they are quite grown-up in some ways. Brands matter.

Safety is still important – be careful of bicycles, kites and similar toys unless the child has a safe place to use them away from traffic and other hazards. Make sure sport equipment is well-made. Consider the child’s attitude, or check with parents, before giving toys that use mains electricity.

Suggestions: These children are still between children’s toys and more grown-up gifts. Books, puzzles and novelty gadgets are fairly safe – or check to see if they have any special interests, collections or musical interests. If you know the child well, you could try giving something unusual to try to spark a new interest.

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Some Gift Suggestions

7ft Springless Hoppy Trampoline Set
Fun and Games for babies to teens from Toy Universe
7ft Springless Hoppy Trampoline Set is perfect for little kids and smaller backyards The 7ft Hoppy Junior Trampoline is a terrific beginner trampoline, suitable for smaller backyards and comes equipped with a unique springless design for maximum safety. We know that climbing onto taller objects can be scary for little people and the low frame height on this trampoline makes it easy for the little ones to climb in or out of the trampoline and allows them to build their confidence. Features: This 7ft Trampoline is perfect for smaller backyards and great for all young hoppers. 7ft or 2.31m diameter is measured from the edges of the trampoline. A springless model this trampoline features heavy-duty elastic straps instead of springs, making the trampoline safer without sacrificing bounce. Best of all, no hard spots within the jumping mat! Sized for younger kids, with a 50cm frame for easy climbing in or out of the trampoline.  Improved high grade safety netting is reinforced with a steel rod: offering better protection against accidental falls All components have been UV-Stabilised so that they’re super resistant against fading in the harsh Aussie outdoor climate. This design comes with curved safety poles to allow for more jumping space during play. A superior jumping mat is vigorously bounce tested to exceed 1 million bounces Double galvanised steel, keeping the frame rust-free, inside and out. The springless straps, as well as all safety poles are fully padded in order to prevent nasty bumps Included is smart feet design to provide maximum stability for your trampoline on even and uneven terrain. Comes with wider pads to ensure better coverage over the springs & the frame. Heavy Duty double-zipped enclosure helps secure the safety net, as well as preventing unsupervised access. Passes Australian Standards 4989-2006 Trampoline Safety Test 7ft Springless Hoppy Trampoline Set is perfect for smaller jumpers and with no springs is super safe.

Cool Kids

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Create and Make

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LEGO Technic Airport Rescue Vehicle – 42068
Fun and Games for babies to teens from Toy Universe
LEGO Technic Airport Rescue Vehicle is an awesome technical build Head for the runway with this authentic 2-in-1 LEGO® Technic Airport Rescue Vehicle, featuring a red, black and gray color scheme, working boom mechanism, 4-cylinder engine with moving pistons, large driver’s cab with detailed dashboard, wing mirrors, equipment storage compartment, twin-axle steering, double rear axle and chunky tires. Upgrade with the 8293 Power Functions motor set (not supplied) for a motorized boom mechanism and working warning beacons. Rebuild this model to create a Fire Rescue Vehicle for a double build-and-play experience. Features working twin-axle steering, double rear axle, chunky tires, long versatile boom with multi-directional water cannon, detailed 4-cylinder engine with moving pistons, driver’s cab with detailed dashboard, warning beacons and an opening equipment storage compartment. Check out the authentic red, black and gray color scheme. Operate the multi-directional boom to position the water cannon. A uniquely decorated LEGO® Technic 40th Anniversary brick is included with this model. Upgrade with the 8293 LEGO® Power Functions set (not included) for a motorized boom and working warning beacons. This LEGO® Technic model is designed to provide an immersive and rewarding building experience. Interactive, 3D digital LEGO® Building Instructions app available online for both A and B models. Ask your parents’ permission. 2-in-1 model: rebuilds into a Fire Rescue Vehicle. Airport Rescue Vehicle (with boom extended) measures over 16” (42cm) high, 17” (45cm) long and 5” (15cm) wide, and 6” (17cm) high with boom retracted. Fire Rescue Vehicle (with boom extended) measures over 12” (31cm) high, 21” (55cm) long and 5” (13cm) wide, and 5” (14cm) high with boom retracted.

The Redwood Den Wooden Cubby With Slide
Fun and Games from Yardgames

Redwood Den Raised Playhouse with Slide

An exciting enlarged version of our Redwood Tower playhouse, our Redwood Den Playhouse is bigger in every way!

There’s plenty of space for older children, while offering plenty of growing room for young children. With lots of extra space inside, a tall 90cm platform, three opening double windows glazed with safety Styrene, a chalkboard name plaque, window planter and slide, the Redwood Den really maximises the fun!

Made with very thick, high quality Fir wood that’s been sanded and smoothed for a beautiful finish, and pre-stained with a child-friendly vibrant wood stain, the Redwood Den is charming in appearance and is highly durable.

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