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Eleventh Birthday Gifts Australia

What do you get for someone who is 11 years old? This is a tricky age because they are too old for young children’s toys but are not yet teenagers.

Safety is still important. Make sure sport equipment is well-made.

Suggestions: These children are between children’s toys and more grown-up gifts. Books, puzzles and novelty gadgets are fairly safe, or check to see if they have any special interests, collections or musical interests. If you know the child well, you could try giving something unusual to try to spark a new interest.

  • Booktopia Australian online bookshop with a massive range of books, ebooks and DVDs including lots of Australian titles. Ship as many physical books as you like and save with their flat rate for parcel mail with tracking for anyone with an Australian delivery address. Shipping to New Zealand and international available. Start with Books for Children & Teenagers / Young Adults
  • Sweet gifts sweet gifts for teens with a sweet tooth
  • Silly Gifts add some fun brighten someone’s day – give the gift of silliness!

Some Gift Suggestions

1001 Cool Riddles and Tongue Twisters 1001 Cool Riddles and Tongue Twisters
In this book you will discover raucous riddles and torturous tongue twisters about crazy critters cool characters all things gross and gory and strange school days… Youll split your sides over prehistoric puns freaky food fun animal absurdities and masses of more strangely silly stuff
from Coolthings.com.au

Egg Chair Set Egg Chair Set
Have fun with your food as you decorate two white armchairs for your eggs with each meal Use your imagination to create your own unique design for your egg cups using the red yellow green and blue coloured markers provided With a suction base for added security your eggs wont topple over as you fix them to your plate or table top
from Coolthings.com.au

The NO Button The NO Button
The designers of the NO Button are parents who like you seemed to be repeating the same things to their kids over and over. They dreamt of a button that would just say it for them. Eventually they noticed that no is the most often used phrase followed by clean your room. so they designed this button that would say the nos for them.
from Coolthings.com.au

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