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Second Birthday Gifts Australia

What do you buy for second birthdays? Two year olds are well aware of what birthdays mean so ideally gifts should be immediately interesting or exciting.

Safety is still an issue with toys for two-year olds – avoid toys with parts that are small enough to swallow or with removable parts that are sharp or could be swallowed, check paint is non-toxic, avoid long cords. Everything should be unbreakable and safe for them to put in their mouths. Building bricks, furniture etc should have rounded corners.

Two year olds are inquisitive. They still like push and pull toys and some can kick a ball. Simple jigsaw puzzles, stackable bricks and toys that fit together keep them amused and develop hand-eye coordination and spatial skills. Cloth or board books they can handle themselves and parents can read to them can help develop literacy and a love of stories. Videos and DVD can keep them amused and give exhausted parents a rest.

Two year old boys (and some girls) will often be into trains and transport items. Two year old girls (and some boys) will like pretend cooking and housekeeping items. If you’re not sure of the child’s or parent’s preferences, play it safe with non-gendered toys.

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Some Gift Suggestions

Feber 5 in 1 Push-N-Go Kids Car
Fun and Games from Yardgames

Feber 5 in 1 Push N Go Kids Ride On Carrier

This superb multi-use product can be used in different ways as the child gets older.  Use it as a trike, a walking aid with adjustable height handle, push to floor car and and child carrier.

Fun Food That’s Cool

Make food fun! Sometimes kids need a little encouragement to try new foods and flavours.

See the range of cool gifts from Coolthings.com.au

Meg Goes to BedMeg Goes to Bed from Booktopia
Mog and Owl are hungry, so Meg makes a spell. It goes wrong and they all go to bed without any supper, but Mog and Owl are still hungry . . . Will there be any breakfast?

Peppa Pig My First Storybooks Slipcase setPeppa Pig My First Storybooks Slipcase set from Booktopia
The Peppa Pig My First Storybooks collection contains five of Peppa’s bestselling adventures. Included are:
Peppa Goes to Hospital
Pedro Pony is poorly, so Peppa Pig and her friends go with Madame Gazelle to visit Pedro in hospital. Pedro shows everyone what the hospital is like – the nurses, the doctor, and of course, the food. Peppa and her friends discover that the hospital isn’t so scary after all!
Peppa and the Big Train
Toot! Toot! Hooray! Today, Peppa Pig and her friends are going on a magnificent train ride. Jump aboard the train and join Peppa on her perfect day out in this lovely little storybook.
Peppa Goes to the Library
Peppa Goes to the Library is a fun and engaging first storybook for little children. Boring! Peppa is fed up of all her old books and needs some new ones. Join her on a fun-filled library trip to find more.
Peppa’s Washing Day
Peppa’s Washing Day is a delightful storybook based on the award-winning television series Peppa Pig. Oops! Peppa and George have made Daddy Pig’s shirt dirty. What will happen when they try to wash out all the mud? Peppa’s Washing Day is a Part of the My First Storybook range, Peppa’s Washing Day is a colourful and engaging board book based on the award-winning Nick Jr. television series.

The Wheels on the BusThe Wheels on the Bus from Booktopia
The wheels on the bus go round and round … Children will love to join in and sing along to this favourite nursery rhyme, now in a sturdy new board book format!
In this edition, a cheeky wombat bus driver drives his animal passengers around Australia. Come snorkelling with the emu at the Great Barrier Reef. Get rescued by a surf-lifesaving koala at Bondi Beach. And sing ever so quietly as the bus crosses a river full of crocodiles in Darwin … Brought to life by Mandy Foot s delightful illustrations, young children will adore this sing-along adventure!

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