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7th Birthday Gifts Australia

What do you get for someone who is 7 years old? Seven year olds are well aware of what birthdays meanSome gifts are initially exciting but it soon wears off. Sometimes it is a good idea to give them something that will become more interesting to them as the year goes on. The luckiest children will get a mix of gifts that give short term fun and long term interest.

Suggestions: Imaginative play with puppets and puppet theatre or dolls’ houses, more complicated jigsaw puzzles and games that require some reading. 7 year-olds may like to help around the house with lightweight tool sets, garden tools or cooking equipment. Art and play becomes more formal with flower presses and craft sets or simple science sets (magnets etc). Pretend and dress-up toys can be used to act out situations they see in real life: playing shop, television characters, etc. Most seven year olds are reading so novels and non-fiction books will be popular. Check to see if they have a passion like dinosaurs, animals or trains.

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Some Gift Suggestions

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