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Gifts for 8 year olds

What do you get for someone who is 8 years old? These middle years are a time when lifetime interests cam be fostered.

Safety is still important – be careful of bicycles, kites and similar toys unless the child has a safe place to use them away from traffic, power lines and other hazards.

Make sure sport equipment is well-made. Consider the child’s ability, or check with parents, before giving toys that use mains electricity.


Electrical train sets, construction toys, more complex chemistry and other science kits, hobby kits, crafts kits and materials, puppets.

Complex games, jigsaws, puzzles and books. Also consider bedroom linen and decorations.

Games and toys to encourage them to spend time outdoors away from televisions and computer games could be welcome. As well as the obvious sporty gifts, these can include gardening, outdoor gadgets (including solar powered) and science kits

Some Gift Suggestions

Camouflage Wigwam/Teepee
Fun and Games from Yardgames

Camouflage Wigwam (or Teepee if you’d prefer) This Camouflage Wigwam is ready for action!

Young adventure enthusiasts will love playing in this fantastic play tent. They can be a soldier on boot camp exercises one minute and a covert operative the next. Wherever they go, whatever their adventure during their imaginative travels the Camouflage Wigwam Playtent will keep them sheltered!

Cool Kids

Here’s the place where you will find great gifts for all the coolest kids in your life. 

See the range of cool gifts from Coolthings.com.au

Cool Science Projects

Discover cool stuff like Doodling Robots to the latest in Green Science from CSIRO, guaranteed to encourage the budding scientist within yourself and your children!

See the range of cool gifts from Coolthings.com.au

Crayola Creations Ultimate Braiding Kit
Fun and Games for babies to teens from Toy Universe
Crayola Creations Ultimate Braiding Kit is a terrific beauty craft kit Crayola is a legend in kids arts and crafts and the Crayola Creations Ultimate Braiding Kit takes creativity into the beauty world. Let your kids add some pizzazz to their hair with these awesome hair accessories. Features: Crayola Creations Ultimate Braiding Kit includes  1 x hair extension 12 x hair charms 3 x skeins of lace 3 x skeins of fabric trim 2x skeins of rainbow yarn 6 x elastic hair ties 10 x mini hair bands 12 x jump rings & a design guide Kids can weave all sorts of awesome combinations through their hair to create their very own look. All items are resuable. Perfect for slumber parties. The Crayola Creations Ultimate Braiding Kit is a fun set for budding beauty artists and hair dressers.  

Create and Make

in Create and Make you find a huge range of activities, games and cool craft projects for children to make and do. Great for sparking your child’s imagination!

See the range of cool gifts from Coolthings.com.au

Dingo Gym 1 – Childrens Playfort
Fun and Games from Yardgames

Dingo Gym Package 1

Let’s go BIGGER than the Billy Goat! BIGGER rock wall, BIGGER platform, BIGGER height makes this our BIGGEST seller!

Our unique Dingo Gym includes a bigger rock wall with added climb rope. The larger platform size means more room for your kids to play!

Available in both 1.2m and 1.5m deck heights! – simply select your preferred height from the dropdown menu.

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