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8th Birthday Gifts & Presents

What do you get for someone who is 8 years old? These middle years are a time when lifetime interests can be fostered.

Safety is still important – be careful of bicycles, kites and similar toys unless the child has a safe place to use them away from traffic, power lines and other hazards. Make sure sport equipment is well-made. Consider the child’s ability, or check with parents, before giving toys that use mains electricity.


Electrical train sets, construction toys, more complex chemistry and other science kits, hobby kits, crafts kits and materials, puppets.

Complex games, jigsaws, puzzles and books. Also consider bedroom linen and decorations.

Games and toys to encourage them to spend time outdoors away from televisions and computer games could be welcome. As well as the obvious sporty gifts, these can include gardening, outdoor gadgets (including solar powered) and science kits