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Ninth Birthday Gifts Australia

What do you get for someone who is 9 years old? This is their last year in single digits and they will have strong interests to suggest suitable presents. Brands matter.

Safety is still important – be careful of bicycles, kites and similar toys unless the child has a safe place to use them away from traffic, powerlines and other hazards. Make sure sport equipment is well-made. Consider the child’s ability, or check with parents before giving toys that use mains electricity.

Suggestions: These children are between children’s toys and more grown-up gifts. Books, puzzles and novelty gadgets are fairly safe – or check to see if they have any special interests, collections or musical interests. If you know the child well, you could try giving something unusual to try to spark a new interest. Inspire creativity with art and craft materials.

Some Gift Suggestions

Cool Kids

Here’s the place where you will find great gifts for all the coolest kids in your life. 

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Cool Science Projects

Discover cool stuff like Doodling Robots to the latest in Green Science from CSIRO, guaranteed to encourage the budding scientist within yourself and your children!

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Create and Make

in Create and Make you find a huge range of activities, games and cool craft projects for children to make and do. Great for sparking your child’s imagination!

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