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Australian Animal themed gift ideas

Australian Animal Party Ideas

Use Australian animals as a party theme to build on current interests or to nurture interest in our natural surroundings.

  • Games & Activities:
    • Pin The Tail On The Platypus
    • Colouring In: 0to5.com.au has printable templates that are perfect for young children to colour in. See cockatoo, crocodile, kangaroo and platypus.
    • Australian Animal Tracking: Use small toys or cardboard cut-outs of Australian animals and hide them around the garden (or house if the party is inside). Leave clues such as footprints, feathers or food and let the kids find all the hidden animals.
    • If you don't have too many children to look after or have help from other parents, take a trip to the zoo to see the real thing.
    • Older children may enjoy an Australian Animal quiz (make sure everyone gets a prize so that no one feels left out).
  • Food & Snacks:
    • Make a koala shaped cake: Use a large round cake for the body, a smaller round cake for the head and two cup-cakes for the ears. Decorate with light chocolate icing (grey doesn't look very appetising).
    • Snacks can have an Australian theme, foods like Anzac biscuits and vegemite sandwiches.

Australian Animal Themed Gifts and Toys

  • Coolthings have some fun Kangaroo windups. See some in the suggested products below.
  • Australian Native T-Shirts – T-shirts, gifts and novelties with an Australian theme. Based in NSW, ships worldwide. Prices are initially shown in US$ and exclude GST but you can change currency and include GST to calculate the price for Australian sales.
    • Australian Animal Plush Toys – Bilbies, kangaroos, geckos, kookaburras, koalas, emus, Tasmanian devils, wombats and many more animals.
    • Cute & Cuddly Animal T-shirts – Featuring native Australian animals and professionally screenprinted on cotton, these are perfect for animal lovers

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Australian Animal Costumes