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Children’s Birthday Books

Books about birthdays make great gifts as they initiate ideas and discussions about birthdays and what they can mean.

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Some Gift Suggestions

Happy Birthday GooseHappy Birthday Goose from Booktopia
Exciting new series of 4 children’s picture books by very successful UK artist Laura Wall. Greeting card range has been highly successful This series has Bestseller written all over it When Sophie plans a surprise party for Goose?s birthday, nothing quite goes to plan! An enchanting story about an unusual and heart-warming friendship.

Happy Birthday with Ant and BeeHappy Birthday with Ant and Bee from Booktopia
The much loved characters are back to teach a new generation of children to read along and aloud. These classic titles have been re-illustrated by the original author Angela Banner, 50 years after they were first published. Happy Birthday Ant & Bee introduces 4 letter words and days of the week.

Happy Birthday, Dotty!Happy Birthday, Dotty! from Booktopia
It’s Dotty’s birthday. But where are all her friends?
When Dotty goes to look for them she finds a birthday trail with lots of presents along the way.
It couldn’t get any more exciting than this, could it?

Happy Birthday, Hugless DouglasHappy Birthday, Hugless Douglas from Booktopia
A brand new Hugless Douglas adventure from the critically acclaimed author, David Melling.
Douglas is very excited about his birthday surprise. But when the surprise turns out to be his annoying twin cousins, Douglas is sure this will be the worst birthday ever!
David Melling’s bestselling ‘Hugless Douglas’ series has over 700,000 copies sold to date in 25 languages. Happy Birthday, Hugless Douglas is the fifth book about Douglas the brown bear, and it is as funny and compelling as the first. It combines brilliantly imaginative illustrations with an endearing sense of what it is like to be a small child learning about the world.

Happy Birthday, Little PookieHappy Birthday, Little Pookie from Booktopia
Little Pookie is up before dawn because . . . it’s Pookie’s birthday, and Pookie just can’t wait to celebrate Pookie’s Mom gently coaxes her little one back to bed–but not for long –in this delightful board book.
The celebration begins as Daddy makes Pancakes Supreme, and an energetic and excited Pookie parties on all day. Told in Sandra Boynton’s signature humorous rhyme, the story also expresses sweet and sincere parental love and support. The joyous artwork is detailed and exuberant, and is guaranteed to please toddlers and their caregivers on their birthday and every day.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Croc!Happy Birthday, Mr. Croc! from Booktopia
For every child who loves balloons, presents, party games and cake surprises! Mr Croc has been entertaining young children for ten years and since he was created he has sold over a million books worldwide. It’s time for Mr Croc’s fabulous birthday party and you’re invited! This fabulously interactive Mr Croc book with pop-ups and flaps will keep small hands busy for hours. Other books in this bestselling series include: Land Ahoy, Mr Croc, Come and Play, Mr Croc, Sleepy or Not, Mr Croc?, Wiggle, Jump, Stomp, Mr Croc?, Scared or Not, Mr Croc?, Ready to Rock, Mr Croc? and Hungry or not, Mr Croc? ‘Jo Lodge’s delightful Mr Croc series…boasts fabulous pop-ups…’ The Observer

Hide and Seek Birthday TreatHide and Seek Birthday Treat from Booktopia
Leopard wakes up with a fluttery tummy. “It’s my birthday!” he shouts with glee. “I’M very excited, my friends are invited to a great big part for me!”
Leopard sets out to invite his friends but he can’t find anyone! Will he have to celebrate his birthday alone?

Hooray, it's My Birthday!Hooray, it’s My Birthday! from Booktopia
This is a birthday treat packed full of surprises!
It’s Dinah’s birthday and Tyler has a wonderful surprise for her. It starts with Brown Rabbit playing ‘Happy Birthday!’ on a brass horn and, as each new guest arrives, it gets more and more surprising!
With games and dancing and crocodile rides, there’s something special for Dinah from all of her friends.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday? from Booktopia
Surprise! Our bestselling little dinosaurs are back for a BIG birthday celebration!
Everyone has a birthday, and from riotous birthday parties to the excitement of being one year older, having a birthday is the highlight of a young child’s year.
All little dinosaurs love to get presents, and this new board book will be an immediate favorite. From birthday hats to Ceratosaurus-sized cakes, America’s young readers will laugh out loud as the celebration moves from “bad” birthday behavior to just the right amount of silliness and sharing. Bestselling duo Jane Yolen and Mark Teague have created the perfect introduction to birthday parties, with the same beloved humor and warmth of all their previous bestselling “How Do Dinosaurs” books.
Here’s a wonderful way to say “Happy Birthday!” to any dinosaur…young or old!

I Want Two Birthdays!I Want Two Birthdays! from Booktopia
The Little Princess wants to have two birthdays, just like the Queen, which means twice as many presents every year When she realises how much fun two birthdays are, she decides she wants three, then four.
But the more birthdays she has, the less special they are. Perhaps having one birthday a year isn’t so boring after all.

Ling & Ting Share a BirthdayLing & Ting Share a Birthday from Booktopia
Ling & Ting are twins. They share a birthday. They bake cakes, and they make birthday wishes. They tell stories and wrap gifts. They also share a birthday secret! The simple text and colorful art makes this early reader a perfect choice for children learning to read.

Little Miss BirthdayLittle Miss Birthday from Booktopia
Little Miss Birthday takes pride in her ability to find the right gift for each of her friends. However one day she becomes quite frustrated as she simply cannot think of a birthday gift for Mr Wrong, until she is greeted by Mr Muddle . . .

Maisy's Birthday Party Sticker BookMaisy’s Birthday Party Sticker Book from Booktopia
It’s time to party with Maisy in this brand new sticker book!
Join Maisy for a bumper birthday, using your stickers to fill in the fun on every page! Add prizes to the treasure hunt, fill the party bags, decorate the room with balloons and bunting, and pick out a special party dress for Maisy!

Mr BirthdayMr Birthday from Booktopia
Mr Birthday loves to organise a party (he likes them so much he is never seen without his party hat on) and never forgets a birthday. That’s why Mr Birthday is stumped when Mr Happy tells him not to forget the extra special birthday next week. Whose birthday could it be?

Muddypaws and the Birthday PartyMuddypaws and the Birthday Party from Booktopia
Muddypaws And The Birthday Party : Why is Ben too busy to play with Muddypaws? Why are so many children arriving? And why is there lots of delicious smelling food in the kitchen?
It’s Ben’s sixth birthday party today – but his puppy Muddypaws doesn’t know that!
About the Author and Illustrator
Deborah Chancellor has written over 70 books for children. When she is not writing, she goes for long, muddy walks and helps her three children look after two guinea pigs and a big, lop-eared rabbit. She lives near Cambridge, England.
Simon Mendez has illustrated a number of children’s books, both fiction and non-fiction, often combining his two loves, art and wildlife. He lives in a village north of York, England, with his wife, their twins, and Dillon the dog.

Night Before My Birthday Gift SetNight Before My Birthday Gift Set from Booktopia
The Night Before My Birthday captures all the excitement and anticipation that every child experiences in the lead-up to their special day. The decorations are up, the table is set, and the cake is ready – but what happens when there is an ice cream emergency? Once again Natasha Wing has written a story that is sure to appeal to every child getting ready for a birthday. The gift set contains a copy of the book, a banner, a birthday crown, a cake decoration, and stickers – all for only $16.99.

Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy : The Sweet FairiesNina the Birthday Cake Fairy : The Sweet Fairies from Booktopia
Kirsty and Rachel meet the sweetest fairies yet!
All of Kirsty’s friends and family have come to her birthday party – but her cake has disappeared! Jack Frost has stolen Kirsty’s birthday cake and Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy’s magical charm. Can the girls catch him before all birthday cakes are spoiled forever
Join Rachel and Kirsty and meet a new fairy friend in each magical adventure!

On Your BirthdayOn Your Birthday from Booktopia

This collection of birthday-related quotes are the perfect gift for anyone celebrating another revolution around the sun

“We turn not older with the years, but newer with everyday.” -Emily Dickinson

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” -Albert Einstein

Alongside the gifts and cake, your birthday is a time to reflect on the happy years of your life so far and to look forward to what’s to come. This collection of joyful and thoughtful quotations is an ideal gift and keepsake for anyone celebrating their birthday.

Please Bear's BirthdayPlease Bear’s Birthday from Booktopia
It is Please Bear’s birthday and all the nice and naughty bears are invited.
Each bear represents a different manner and teach children about social skills.

Poggle and the Birthday PresentPoggle and the Birthday Present from Booktopia
Poggle is a most enchantingly funny dragon who lives in a small blue hut overlooking the sea. It’s snug and cosy and full of his favourite things.
Today, Poggle and his friend, Henry, are searching for the perfect birthday present. But what they find isn’t quite what they were expecting …
A gorgeous picture book written with delightful humour and truly memorable characters.

Polly's Absolutely Worst Birthday EverPolly’s Absolutely Worst Birthday Ever from Booktopia
Polly’s birthday has been planned in minute detail and everyone who is anyone will be attending. But the worst happens – Polly gets chicken pox and her birthday party is called off. And to make matters worse, Horace the hamster dies.
The extent of Polly’s misery knows no bounds and many entries to her diary catalogue her despair in hilarious detail.
A witty, lively and fun-filled novel in diary format, brilliantly illustrated throughout by acclaimed Sally Gardner.

Scaredy Squirrel Has a Birthday PartyScaredy Squirrel Has a Birthday Party from Booktopia
He’s back!
Scaredy Squirrel, the loveable worrywart, returns for another nutty adventure. Scaredy never plans big birthday parties. He’d rather celebrate alone quietly in the safety of his nut tree and avoid those pesky party animals (ants, clownfish, ponies and Bigfoot).
When all his excessive plans are thrown up in the air like confetti, will Scaredy play dead and cancel?
Or will he face the music?

Spot's Birthday PartySpot’s Birthday Party from Booktopia
Flaps on every page reveal an increasing number of surprises as Spot counts from one to ten as he meets animals on the farm. One small mouse under some sacks is followed by two squirrels in a tree and so on to ten cows in the barn. This title contains lots of fun for children who are learning to count.

The Banana Bunch and the Birthday Party!The Banana Bunch and the Birthday Party! from Booktopia
In this Banana Bunch title, the club-buddies put together a surprise birthday party for their dog, Scruffy. They divvie up the party preparations: decorating the club house, buying presents, making the cake. Scruffy is suitably surprised–especially with his big present: a guinea pig. After cake and presents, Scruffy pays everyone back by finding a missing baseball during a game.

The Birthday BoyThe Birthday Boy from Booktopia
It isn’t nice to tell a lie…even when you’re trying to help someone. That’s the lesson Tom – and young readers – learn in his latest entertaining adventure.
It’s Tom’s brother’s birthday, so when he accidentally breaks the sugar bowl, Tom takes the blame. But Aunt Polly saw what actually happened, and now both boys are in trouble. Will they find a way to make things right?
Now even the youngest readers can enjoy many of the world’s favourite tales, with these perfectly crafted excerpts from acknowledged classics.

The Secret Birthday MessageThe Secret Birthday Message from Booktopia

It is Tim’s birthday. Instead of a package, Tim gets a mysterious letter — written in code! Tim — and the reader — are off, following the clues. And at the end of the treasure hunt is a wonderful birthday surprise!

The Secret Language of BirthdaysThe Secret Language of Birthdays from Booktopia
Combining astrology, numerology, and pure psychic intuition, The Secret Language of Birthdays is a wholly unique compilation that reveals one’s strengths, weaknesses, and major issues while providing practical advice on spiritual guidance. It is a must have for every library and anyone even remotely interested in the dynamics of personality.

Willow's Boy-Crazy BirthdayWillow’s Boy-Crazy Birthday from Booktopia
Being a twin has its perks (especially when your twin is a boy). This year, Willow and Winston are holding their first ever co-ed birthday party, and everyone in class is invited. Thismeans Win s cute friend Jacob is on the guest list. Willow s pumped that her crush will be coming over and gets the Sleepover Girls to help her plan a party that s all kinds of awesome! But even the best-laid plans can go awry. Jacob seems tolike Ashley, and mean girls Franny and Zoe are driving Willow nuts. Can the birthday girl pull it together and throw a memorable party, or will her birthday be a complete bust?”

Wombat's Birthday SurpriseWombat’s Birthday Surprise from Booktopia
Will sleepy wombat wake up in time for his birthday surprise?
Wombat s friends are planning a surprise birthday feast, with all his favourite party foods. But can they wake sleepy wombat up in time to celebrate?

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