Birthday Novelties

General Gifts

Silly birthday gifts and novelties to celebrate growing older without taking things too seriously. (For sensible birthday gifts, see the menus above and on the right)

  • Cool Things has the latest cool gadgets, gizmos and gifts – from remote control toys to gifts for babies to unusual alarm clocks that are sure to wake you up in the mornings. Coolthings are based in Launceston, Tasmania and deliver Australia wide and internationally.
  • Yardgames have giant games, chess, croquet and garden games. Great for garden parties, family days, club days and fetes.

12cm Square Alphabet Coloured Beanbags – Pack of 26
Fun and Games from Yardgames

12cm Coloured Alphabet Beanbags – Pack of 26

This pack of beanbags has all the letters from the English alphabet in Lower and Upper Case. Each set of beanbags is made of washable, long-lasting canvas and filled with plastic pellets.

13cm Square Vinyl Beanbags – Pack of 12.
Fun and Games from Yardgames

Durable vinyl-covered 13cm Square Beanbags.

Easy to wipe down and clean this pack of 12 beanbags has 2 each of the following colors – Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green, Red.  Features  superlocked edges, non-toxic plastic pellet filling.

Anti Bullying – Toss N Talk About Conversation Ball
Fun and Games from Yardgames

Toss N Talk About Conversation Ball – Anti Bullying

Great tool for classrooms, recreation programs and institutional settings.

Features talking points and questions like “Name something you could do to discourage a bully” and “Think of the meanest kid you know.

Why do you think he/she is so mean?”

Birthday Blowout Game
Fun and Games for babies to teens from Toy Universe
Birthday Blowout Game is full of fun for birthdays The Birthday Blowout Game is an awesome new addition to the Hasbro Gaming range, with some tricks up it’s sleeve the Birthday Blowout Game seems easy to win, just blow out all the candles to win.  Features : Like all the best games, Birthday Blowout Game is simple, a toy with birthday candles that need to be blown out to win – simple. BUT – the candles are a little tricky, sometimes they flicker and relight. With multiple levels of play, this game gets faster and you will have less time to blow out the candles. 3 x 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries required. Batteries not included. The Birthday Blowout Game will have your kids in stitches.  

Chip Chuckin Game – Cow Pat Target Toss Game
Fun and Games from Yardgames

Cow Pat Tossing Target Game

Inspired by an actual Midwest festival, this uproarious game will keep them laughing for hours as it promotes cooperation, camaraderie and physical activity.