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Butterfly party products and Creepy Crawly Gift Ideas

Butterflies fascinate all ages with their bright cheerful colours and movement.

Butterfly Themed Gifts

  • Cool Things have all the latest cool gadgets and gizmos. They are based in Launceston, Tasmania and deliver Australia-wide and internationally. Search their site for “butterfly”.

Butterfly Clothing & Costumes

  • Costume Box have cute bumblebee, butterfly, and ladybird costumes for toddlers, children, and adults. Based in Sydney with Australia-wide and international delivery. Browse the costumes pictured right or use their site search for butterfly to find the latest.

Butterfly Party Ideas

Food – Make sandwiches and use the Lunch Punch from Cool Things to turn them into butterflies. Make butterfly cupcakes.

Activities – If the party is being held outdoors ask the children to look for butterlies.

Painting and colouring. fold pieces of paper in half and cut out butterfly shapes. Cut our and open up the blank butterfly.  Get children to paint one half and press the two sides together again so the paint is on both sides when they open it up. See butterfly templates at 0to5.

If you want something less messy, give them the blank butterfly shapes and crayons, pencils or felt pens to colour in.

Finished butterflies can be hung inside, or outside on the washing line so they flutter in the breeze.