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Cat Parties are not just for children. Adults can have cat parties to celebrate their furry friends.

  • Games & Activities:
    • Colouring in: 0to5 have colouring templates of cats free to print at home.
    • Play tag but call it Cat and Mouse. The person who is ‘it’ is the cat, everyone else is a mouse. For slightly older kids you could play Marco Polo, but instead of saying ‘Marco’ and ‘Polo’ the players meow like a cat and squeak like a mouse.
    • Pin the tail on the cat or kitten.
  • Food & Snack Ideas:
    • Make a cat cake: Use a round cake for the body and a smaller round cake for the head, a long banana shape for the tail and cake triangles for ears. To decorate use food colouring to make your child’s favourite coloured cat, liquorice laces for whiskers and Smarties or chocolate buttons for the eyes.
    • Decorate cup cakes to look like cat faces.

Cat Themed Toys and Gifts

  • Booktopia is Australian-owned online-only retail store selling books, eBooks and DVDs. Take advantage of flat rates for delivery around Australia of as many physical books or DVDs as you want in one order. They have an extensive range of Australian books as well as the usual international titles.  The Slinky Malinki series by Lynley Dodd (companions to Hairy Maclary) are great picturebooks with dog characters suitable for all ages, and fun to read many times.

Cat Costumes

  • Costume Box – Thousands of fancy dress costumes for adults, teens, kids, toddlers and infants for all occasions. Based in Sydney with flat rate delivery Australia wide. Search the site for cat or look for them in children’s animal costumes.

Some Gift Suggestions

Hairy Maclary ScattercatHairy Maclary Scattercat from Booktopia
Hairy Maclary, everyone’s favourite dog, is busy chasing and hustling all the neighbourhood cats from Slinky Malinki to Pimpernel Pugh. But when he comes face to face with Scarface Claw, the toughest tomcat in town, it’s Hairy Maclary’s turn to be bustled, rustled and hustled.

Slinky Malinki Book & Toy SetSlinky Malinki Book & Toy Set from Booktopia

Slinky Malinki was blacker than black,

a stalking and lurking adventurous cat.

He had bright yellow eyes, a warbling wail

and a kink at the end of his very long tail.

The Slinky Malinki boxed toy and book set includes a gorgeous plush toy of the stalking and lurking feline and a hardback edition of Lynley’s Dodd’s Slinky Malinki. The toy complies to all EU/ANZ/US/Canada safety standards and is suitable for ages 0+.

Slinky Malinki CatflapsSlinky Malinki Catflaps from Booktopia
Slinky Malinki wakes from a nap and steps through the catflap. Calling his feline friends to join him, “”they sat in the moonlight’s silvery glow, hobnobbing happily, ten in a row.”” Until the menacing Scarface Claw makes an unexpected appearance.What happens when cats stroll out the cat door at night?Collect all the Slinky Malinki books!

Slinky MalinkiSlinky Malinki from Booktopia

Slinky Malinki is an adventurous cat, cheeky and cheerful, friendly and fun. But at night he becomes a thief.

First published in 1990, Slinky Malinki is the first adventure of Lynley Dodd’s famous rapscallion cat. This is the board book edition of the classic picture book.

Slinky Malinki, Open the DoorSlinky Malinki, Open the Door from Booktopia
Slinky Malinki and Stickybeak Syd were a troublesome pair; do you know what they did? Alone in the house one mischievous day, they opened a door and they started to play. Room by room, the terrible twosome wreak havoc…until they decide to see what’s behind that last door.Slinky Malinki’s curiosity finally gets the best of him.Collect all the Slinky Malinki books!

The Cat in the HatThe Cat in the Hat from Booktopia
One wet, rainy day while mother is out, a boy and a girl sit dejectedly in their chairs, watching the rain beat against the window. They’re bored. Suddenly, in bursts a large cat in a tall striped hat, ready to play – and not just ordinary games, oh no! This cat likes to create mischief and mayhem, and to aid him, he brings Thing One and Thing Two. These two small fuzzy blue imps race around the house, wreaking havoc. Who’s going to clean up this mess? This most famous of all the Beginner Books has been beloved by readers young and old since 1957.

The Cat WhispererThe Cat Whisperer from Booktopia
Who says you can’t train a cat? Just when you thought you had reached the end of your ball of twine, one of America’s most popular cat behaviorists comes to the rescue of perplexed cat owners everywhere, providing practical and effective strategies for solving every feline behavior problem imaginable-from litter box issues to scratching, spraying, biting, and beyond.

Cat Whisperer Mieshelle Nagelschneider has been helping people deal with these dilemmas for two decades, achieving a near-perfect success rate. Central to her approach is a keen understanding of the unique way cats see the world-their need for safety and security, their acute territoriality, and their insatiable desire to catch and kill prey. Her proven C.A.T. cat behavior modification plan is a commonsense course of action that can be specifically tailored to your cat in the context of its behavior problems and its particular household environment. Easy-to-implement solutions help transform even the most anxiety-riddled companions into confident, gregarious, and relaxed cats who live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Inside you’ll discover

how to harness the power of “friendly pheromones” to improve your cat’s appetite, exploration, grooming, and play
where, when, and how to create a litter box environment that will provide ease of access and reduce anxiety for you and your cat
how to end aggression in multiple-cat households and help your cats coexist peacefully

Is it impossible to train a cat? Not anymore! Your days of yelling and tearing your hair out in the wake of the latest household “cat-astrophe” are over. In this fascinating and indispensable book, the Cat Whisperer takes you inside the mind of a feline to explain why members of one of the world’s most inscrutable species act the way they do-and how you can convince them to change their behaviors for the sake of your peace of mind . . . and theirs.

Praise for The Cat Whisperer

“I wish I had read The Cat Whisperer before I started filming Must Love Cats. The cats would have liked me a lot more.”-John Fulton, host of Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats

“Mieshelle Nagelschneider is a wizard at demystifying cat behavior and providing easy-to-follow steps for solving vexing problems. I dog-eared (or should I say cat-eared) so many pages for later reference that my book doesn’t want to close. Living with six demanding cats in a small house, I wish I’d had this excellent guide years ago.”-Bob Tarte, author of Kitty Cornered, Enslaved by Ducks, and Foul Weather

“The reason people are so mesmerized by house cats is because they are truly miniature versions of lions, tigers, and leopards. In her book The Cat Whisperer, Mieshelle Nagelschneider explains the behavior of the house cat in an unprecedented and most accessible way, offering unique insight into the often misunderstood companion animal that is as wild as we have become civilized.”-Jordan Carlton Schaul, Ph.D., contributing editor, National Geographic, and curator, Orange County Zoo

“Pet owners despairing of getting their cats to behave will find new hope in this comprehensive guide. . . . This book more than meets Nagelschneider’s goal of guiding owners to the strategies for behavioral and environmental change needed to address issues such as urination outside the litter box and aggressiveness.”Publishers Weekly

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