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Black Themed Birthday Gifts, Costumes and Parties

Have a black-themed party to celebrate the birthday of someone who loves black, or to celebrate Black Friday.

Black Gifts

  • Black gifts from Coolthings include Dr Who, t-shirts, gadgets, glow sticks and lots of novelty items.
  • More toys – search the shops listed on our pages for babies, toddlers, boys and girls, or in the categories on the right.

Black Party Supplies

  • Costumebox Party Supplies – originally a costume store, Costumebox now has an extensive range of decorations, tableware, party invitations, balloons, cake supplies and more, where you can shop by theme, occasion, colour.

Black Costumes

Black costumes include pirates, nuns, witches, clergy, vampires, black Spiderman, tuxedoes, Zorro, black cats, and more.  Browse these online shops for black costumes:

  • Costume Box – Costumes, accessories, make-up, and more for kids and adults. Costume Box are based in Sydney and deliver Australia-wide. Dress as Batman, Batgirl, a black cat, a ninja, Catwoman, a vampire, and more. See black costumes.

Black food ideas

  • Liquorice, black jellybeans, and aniseed lollies for sweet nibblies.
  • Drink cola.
  • Black pasta: you can buy pasta dyed jet black with squid ink.
  • Squid ink is also used to create traditional Italian black risottos and pasta.
  • Black rice, also known as forbidden rice or wild rice, is black when raw and a very deep purple when cooked.
  • Black sesame seeds: sprinkle on baked goods or make a crust on baked fish.  You might be able to find black sesame crackers or black sesame ice cream.

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