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Green Themed Gifts, Costumes and Parties

Have a green party for St Patrick's Day, or for a birthday party for someone who loves the environment or the colour green.

Green Gifts

  • Toys – search the shops listed on our pages for babies, toddlers, boys and girls, or in the categories on the right.

Green Costumes

Green party costumes include leprechauns and all things Irish, green-eyed monsters, Robin Hood, Martians and other aliens, plants, frogs, the green Power Ranger, and more.  Browse these online shops for green costumes:

  • Costume Box – Fancy dress, make-up, accessories, and more for kids and adults. Based in New South Wales with Australia-wide delivery.

Green Food Ideas

  • Green fruit salad – cut up some green fruit and mix with a dash of fruit juice to prevent browning.  Green fruit includes kiwi fruit, green apples, green grapes, honeydew melons, and starfruit.
  • Make green jelly — add some chopped green fruit for extra excitement!
  • Serve desserts with green custard, cream, or yoghurt dyed with green food colouring.
  • Choc chip mint icecream and pistachio icecream are already green.
  • Biscuits, cakes, and muffins with pistachio nuts have a green tinge.
  • Green eggs and ham – add a few drops of green food colouring to scrambled eggs and mix in some diced ham.
  • Snack on celery and cucumber sticks dipped in guacamole or other green dip.
  • Spinach and cheese pie – if you make your own pastry you could dye that green too!
  • For a side dish serve green vegetables – zucchini, asparagus, peas, green beans, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts.
  • Eat green pasta – it contains spinach which adds more colour than flavour.  You could serve it with some green vegetables and basil pesto.
  • Drink green tea or green cordial. Put a couple of drops of green food colouring in a glass before pouring in milk and watch it magically turn from white to green.  Cocktails including Crème de Menthe or Midori will be green.

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