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White Themed Gifts, Costumes and Parties

White Parties

White Party Supplies

  • Costumebox Party Supplies – originally a costume store, Costumebox now has an extensive range of decorations, tableware, party invitations, balloons, cake supplies and more, where you can shop by theme, occasion, colour.

White Costumes

White costumes include angels, rabbits, brides, white tuxedos, Snow White, rhinestone jumpsuits, Star Wars Imperial stormtroopers, and 18th century powdered white wigs. Browse these online shops for white costumes:

  • Costume Box – Costumes, make-up, and accessories for kids and adults. Based in New South Wales with Australia-wide delivery. Browse white costumes.
  • See more party costumes for children and adults.

White Gifts

  • Toys – search the shops listed on our pages for babies, toddlers, boys and girls, or in the categories on the right.

White Food Ideas

  • Chicken sandwiches: white meat in white bread makes white sandwiches.  Add a bit of white mayonnaise for flavour.
  • Steamed fish and steamed rice.
  • Potato and leek soup (vichyssoise).
  • Rice bubbles with milk.  Rice bubbles can also be made into a white version of chocolate crackles.
  • Coconut milk-based dishes like laksa can be white (some of the spices may turn them orange or red).  Make with chicken or tofu.
  • White cheeses like feta, goat's milk cheese (chèvre) and cream cheese served on rice crackers.
  • Side dishes include mashed potato, potato salad and pasta salad.
  • For dessert: Cheesecake, lychees with icecream, yoghurt, or coconut sorbet, or marshmallows and white chocolate.  Or buy a box of milk-based paddle pops.
  • White drinks include milk and lemonade.  Alcohol drinks and white liqueurs include Baileys Irish Cream, white chocolate Godiva and clear spirits like gin and white rum.  White wine may or may not count depending on how strict you are about the rules!

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