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Elephant themed gift ideas

Elephant Party Ideas

Did you know that elephants use their trunks as snorkels when swimming and on hot days they flap their ears to cool their blood? They also have the largest brains of all land animals.

Many people believe these majestic creatures are a symbol of good luck. Elephants feature in many children's stories.

For elephant themed gifts, toys, costumes, pictures, puzzles and more browse the shops below.

  • Games & Activities:
    • Adapt traditional party games to have an elephant theme. Dumbo Says, Pin the Trunk on the Elephant.
    • Play musical chairs while listening to Baby Elephant Walk.
    • Elephant craft ideas: Use kitchen paper or wrapping paper tubes for trunks, grey paper attached to Alice bands make great elephant ears.
  • Food & Snack Ideas:
    • Everyone knows that elephants eat peanuts, but before you serve anything with peanuts in it check with parents that no one is allergic!
    • Give all the children bendy straws to drink with and call them ‘trunks.'

Toys and Gifts for Elephant Lovers

  • Booktopia is Australian-owned online-only retail store selling books, eBooks and DVDs. Take advantage of flat rates for delivery around Australia of as many physical books or DVDs as you want in one order. They have an extensive range of Australian books as well as the usual international titles. Lots of elephant themed books for children.

Elephant Costumes

  • Costume Box – Thousands of quality costumes for adults, pets and children. Based in Sydney with flat rate delivery Australia wide, they have full body elephant costumes as well as hats for children and adults. See Adults Animal Costumes and Childrens' Animal Costumes and you'll find some elephant costumes in there.