Farm Animal Party and Gift Ideas

Farm Animals Parties, Costumes & Gifts

Lots of young children love farm animals, and it's a fantastic party theme that both boys and girls can get in to.  Browse down the page for food and party game ideas.

Farm Animals Party Products

Farm Animals Gifts & Birthday Presents

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Farm Animals Costumes

  • Costume Box – Thousands of fancy dress costumes for adults and children for all occasions. All costumes displayed are in stock and most are dispatched within 24 hours. See Adults Animal Costumes and Childrens' Animal Costumes and you'll find some farm animal costumes and wrap'n'rides. Based in Sydney with flat rate delivery Australia wide.

Farm Animals Party Ideas

Most regular children's party games can be adapted to a barnyard theme – for example:

  • “Simon Says” becomes “Farmer Says”.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey works as it is, but it could also be pin the tail on the cow, pin the comb on the rooster, pin the hat on the farmer, and so on.
  • Make a traditional pass the parcel with some inexpensive animal toys or sweets in each layer – maybe encourage everyone to make the animal noise.
  • Play “Duck, Duck, Goose”.
  • Have an egg and spoon race (hard boil the eggs to avoid messy accidents).
  • For older children, celebrity heads can be adapted to farm animal heads. Each child is given the name of an animal that everyone except them can see, then through a process of yes/no questions guesses the animal. The name of the animal can be pinned to their back or put on a head band facing the front.
  • A noisy game for older children is to randomly assign animal types to children (draw them out of a hat) then, as they walk around making their animal noise, they have to find others with the same animal – two of each animal works well because the process of elimination will help those with an unusual interpretation of the animal noise.
  • Party Products Australia has a range of animal pinatas that can be delivered to your door.

Farm Animals Party Food

All unprocessed foods come from farms, so there's a lot of scope in addition to the usual party fare. The trick is to make it kid-friendly and a bit exciting.

  • Arrange bite-sized vegetables – cherry tomatoes, celery, chunks of cucumber and carrot in rows like a vegetable patch. Sprouts can represent mulch or hay. Cottage cheese or hummus make a nice dips for the crunchy veggies.
  • Seedless grapes, chopped apple, banana, and melons.
  • Animal shaped cookie cutters can be used on melons or cheese for fancy shapes.
  • Eggs are a popular farm food and have lots of uses:
    • Egg sandwiches – mash hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise.
    • Make egg boats from hard-boiled eggs – shell, cut the eggs in half lengthways, mash the yolks with a bit of mayonnaise then spoon back into the whites. Add a semi-circle slice of cucumber for a sail.

Dress-ups, Party Costumes and Decorations for all ages

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