Frog-themed Party and Gift Ideas

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Frog Party Ideas

Frogs are fascinating creatures and feature in many children’s stories, games and toys.  And, of course, there’s Kermit.

  • Games & Activities:
    • Colouring in: 0to5 have a frog colouring template which is free to print from home.
    • Play musical chairs with giant lily pads made out of green cardboard instead of chairs. Make sure the ‘lily pads’ are taped to the floor so they’re not too slippery.
    • Sing along: Sing along to Galumph Went the Little Green Frog or adapt other songs to have a froggy theme such as Mary Had A Little Frog:
          Mary had a little frog,
          Little, frog, little frog,
          Mary had a little frog,
          It’s skin was green as grass.
          And everywhere that Mary went,
          Mary went, Mary went,
          Everywhere that Mary went,
        The frog would jump and splash.
    • Go to the local park and look for green frogs, you may even have some in your backyard!
    • Adapt traditional games to have a frog theme, for example Duck Duck Goose becomes Frog Frog Tadpole
    • Have a race where the children must jump like a frog instead of run.
    • and don’t forget… Leapfrog!
  • Food & Snack Ideas:
    • Flies on a Log: Fill celery sticks with peanut butter or cream cheese, and add raisins on top as the flies.
    • Make blue jelly and decorate it with green fruits such as kiwi fruit, apple, grapes and honeydew melon.

Frog Themed Toys and Gifts

  • Cool Things specialise in toys and gifts that are simply cool. They even have a cute singing frog named Prince Kiss A Lot! Cool Things are based in Tasmania with Australia wide and international delivery. See frog themed products.

Frog Costumes

Some Gift Suggestions

Safsof Froggy Jump SetSafsof Froggy Jump Set Place each frog on the see-saw stand and pound the other end of the see-saw with the hammer to land…
(from Yogee Toys)

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