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Baby Gifts Australia : Presents for Newborns

When buying for “birth”days to welcome new babies, you can go a few different ways.

You can buy something useful for looking after the baby now – clothing, bedding, equipment etc to make life easier for the new parents because the baby really won’t care at this stage.

You can buy something that the baby will grow into all too quickly – either clothing or cot toys and rattles meant for older babies.

Or, you can buy a keepsake or heirloom gift to commemorate the occasion and appreciated in years to come.

If the baby has older siblings, it is often a good idea if someone buys them something so they are not too left out.

  • Edibleblooms have some great gifts for newborns that include treats for the rest of the family. They can be delivered straight to the lucky parents door or to their hospital room. You can customise by adding a special message, ribbon, chocolates, and other treats.
  • Gifts Australia – massive range of gifts for all ages. Based in Sydney, delivers Australia wide. Check out their Baby teddies and toys and gifts for newborn babies