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Jungle and Safari Gifts and Parties.

Children love to imitate jungle animals. It gives them the chance to ROAR and go a little wild. Indulge them with these party ideas and gifts.

Jungle and Safari Parties

Jungle safari parties are great fun, there are lots of activities and games you can play that tie in with the theme. If you don't have too many children to look after (or you have help from other parents) you could take a trip to a zoo and see the real thing.

Very young children can be kept out of the way in cages (playpens).

Browse down the page for party ideas, costumes and food ideas.

Invitations – Make the invitations in the shape of the birthday child's favourite animal. Some jungle animals include tigers, giraffes, lions, elephants, monkeys, zebras, gorillas and hippos.

Jungle and Safari Decorations & Catering

For decorations, hang lots of green and brown streamers from the ceiling, in doorways and around furniture. Place cardboard cut-out animals or soft toys around.

Jungle and Safari Gifts

  • Cool Things is all about the latest cool gadgets, gizmos and gifts that make you say “That's Cool.” Check theirĀ  Gifts for children for finger puppets and windups with a jungle theme.

Jungle and Safari Costumes

  • Costumes.com.au is based in Melbourne and delivers costumes and accessories (including shoes, hats, wigs, party supplies and more) with flat rate delivery Australia-wide. Search their site for “jungle” and you'll find some costumes and snakes!
  • Costume Box – Thousands of fancy dress costumes for adults and children for all occasions. All costumes displayed are in stock and most are dispatched within 24 hours. See their children's animal costumes for wrap and ride costumes and full body suits or search for their favourite animal. Based in Sydney with flat rate delivery Australia wide.

Jungle and Safari Games & Activities

  • Garden safari – Hide animal cut-outs or soft toys around the garden or park. Give the children a list of animals and let them find them all.
  • Go to the zoo – You'll probably need some other parents to help with this, for transport and keeping an eye on everyone. While you're at the zoo give everyone their own toy binoculars so they can spot all the animals.
  • If buying a pair of binoculars for every child is not an option, they can make their own as part of the party. Have cardboard tubes (like toilet rolls), scissors, colourful paints, glue and tape and some string or wool (to make a neck strap).
  • Craft activities, such as making animal masks, sculpting animals out of play doh, drawing animals and colouring in. See 0 to 5 animal templates for some animals to colour in.
  • Adapt traditional games to have an animal or jungle theme:
    • If you're playing tiggy/tag then the person who is ‘it' is a park ranger and everyone else is an animal. You could assign a different animal to each child and they have to make animal noises as they run.
    • Pin the tail on the donkey becomes pin the tail on the tiger/monkey or pin the trunk on the elephant.

See ThemesForParties.com.au for an adults jungle party theme.