Marine themed gift ideas

Marine Animal Party Ideas

  • Games & Activities:
    • Colouring in: 0 to 5 have marine animal themed templates for colouring in, see sea themed templates. They also have colouring templates of a crab, a dolphin, an octopus, a seahorse, a shell and a whale.
    • Pin the fin on the fish.
    • Adapt traditional party games with a marine theme. Duck, Duck, Goose becomes Fish, Fish, Shark. Slightly older children can play simple card games like Go Fish.
    • If you don't have too many children to look after, or you have help from other parents, take everyone to the local aquarium or zoo to see the real thing.
  • Food & Snack Ideas:
    • Edible aquarium: Make blue jelly and put gummi fish in it as it sets. You could make single serves in clear cups so you can see the fish swimming in the ‘water'.
    • Eat fish fingers.
    • Make a cake in the shape of the birthday child's favourite animal. Ideas include fish, sharks, starfish and octopus.

Books & Magazines About Marine Animals & Fish

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