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Monkey and Gorilla Toys, Gifts and Costumes

  • Booktopia is Australian-owned online-only retail store selling books, eBooks and DVDs. Take advantage of flat rates for delivery around Australia of as many physical books or DVDs as you want in one order. They have an extensive range of Australian books as well as the usual international titles. See their monkey and gorilla themed books.
  • Toy Universe Australian owned and run business delivers big brand and unique toys, games and puzzles for children from birth to teenage years, Australia-wide, NZ and USA from Sydney.
  • Cool Things – Specialise in toys and gifts that are simply cool. They have monkey beanie babies, a Flip-n-Stack monkey game and a glow in the dark monkey. Cool Things are based in Tasmania and have Australia wide and international delivery. See monkey themed products.

Monkey and Gorilla Costumes

Some Gift Suggestions

Amazon Monkey Bar Kit
Fun and Games from Yardgames

The Amazon Monkey Bar Kit

A great addition to any backyard, our Amazon Monkey Bars will provide lots of fun and promote upper body strength and agility for growing kids.

The height of the cross bars can be set at any level during set up, up to an appropriate height of 2m to suit kids of different ages and abilities.  Our plastic handles not only look great, but also comes with finger grips. Extremely kid friendly, with rounded edges to be soft for little hands.  All steel parts are double galvanised and powder-coated which will keep them rust-free inside and out, so that they’ll last ages!  

Barrel of Monkeys Game
Fun and Games for babies to teens from Toy Universe
Barrel of Monkeys Game is perfect for little hands The Barrel of Monkeys Game is a classic game that has been loved by children worldwide for decades. A very simple idea of forming a monkey chain by placing the tail of each monkey into the hand of the one before is surprisingly addictive. How long can you make your monkey chain before one slips off ? Features : Barrel of Monkeys Game is a terrific game for increasing dexterity in children and is super amusing. The barrell contains 12 plastic monkeys which match the colour of the barrel. Pop them all out of their barrell and start stringing them together, the game ends when one monkey slips off the chain. Please note there are multiple barrell colours available which are picked randomly. The price is per Game.   Let your younger children enjoy a fun Barrel of Monkeys Game at home or when you’re travelling.

Feisty Pets Grandmaster Funk Monkey Plush
Fun and Games for babies to teens from Toy Universe
Feisty Pets Grandmaster Funk Monkey Plush is sweet and innocent until he turns Feisty Feisty Pets have taken YouTube and the world by storm, their innocent sweet faces and adorable large eyes will lull any unsuspecting person into a false sense of security, then squeeze the back of their head and Boom – your pet turns Feisty ! Feisty Pets Grandmaster Funk Monkey Plush has the same Stuffed Attitude as the rest of the Feisty Pets, with a cute soft resting face and a super fierce side that comes out when you’re ready to prank your friends and family. Watch the video to see the real laughter and fun Feisty Pets are bringing to kids worldwide. Features : Feisty Pets Grandmaster Funk Monkey Plush is 8.5 inches tall of cute soft brown fur with a hidden stuffed attitude. Press Grandmaster behind the ears to see his feisty side, he particularly dislikes other stuffed animals, global warming and your face. Grandmaster has a cute face and adorable large eyes ..that is until you release his feisty attitude. Stuffed with polyester, Grandmaster is surface washable.   Bring your very own Feisty Pets Grandmaster Funk Monkey Plush home and scare the stuffing out of your friends and family.  

Monkey Bars Kit (No Timber)
Fun and Games from Yardgames

Monkey Bar Kit

Powder coated high quality monkey bar kit available in a choice of 3 colours.

Kit includes 3m x 60cm single piece top frame with 8 cross bars and 4 x 60cm individual side bars.

Recommended that timber is 100mm x 100mm square and uprights are concreted into ground with a minimum depth of 70cm.

Monkey Fun Birthday Loot / Lolly Bags – Pack of 8
Fun and Games for babies to teens from Toy Universe
Monkey Fun Birthday Loot / Lolly Bags – Pack of 8, super cute and super cheeky monkey bags Everyone loves a monkey, some children are classed as “the monkey” for their climbing skills, others are because of their love of monkeys and others, just as a cute pet name, whichever group your child is from their birthday is a special time and their birthday party should be the most special day of all.  Our Monkey Fun themed supply of Monkey Fun Birthday accessories includes everything from lolly bags, to plates, to tablecloths and the all important invitations to help you plan your childs special day (All sold separately)  Features: Pack of 8 bags. Perfectly sized for a respectable sized lolly bag. Matches the range of Monkey party accessories to get set for the party. Monkey Fun is is a hit for your childs next party.

Monkey Fun Party Invitations with Envelopes – 8 Pack
Fun and Games for babies to teens from Toy Universe
Monkey Fun Party Invitations with Envelopes – 8 Pack are super cute and great value The Monkey is a universally loved animal by children of a wide variety of ages. The monkey party has been a great theme for many years for general birthday barties for young children.Perfect for kids parties, these bright coloured monkey themed invitations include envelopes, save the date stickers and sticker seals This Monkey Fun Party Invitation Set will set the tone for your childs party from the very beginning. Features: Brightly coloured and Monkey themed. Includes; 8 Invitations 8 Envelopes 8 Sticker Seals  8 Save The Date Stickers  The Monkey Fun Birthday Invitations match perfectly with our range of Monkey Fun Party accessories such as plates and tablecloths and many more (all sold separately). Organise everything you need in under 10 minutes when you shop at Toy Universe.

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