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“If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.” Ludwig Wittgenstein.

The meaning of the word silly has changed over the centuries. It used to mean harmless, innocent, inoffensive, lacking malice or airs. We prefer that meaning to the more recent derogatory uses as there are plenty of negative words already… and no other word that does quite as well as silly and silliness.

Silliness encourages:

creativity, abstract thought, flexibility, laughter, wellbeing, positive thinking, energy, trust

Silliness is an antidote for:

stress, pomposity, pretentiousness, self-importance, self-absorption, embarrassment, fear, anger, negativity

Silly gifts have always been part of any celebration for us. They add some extra fun for birthdays.

Shop now for silly gifts and novelties.

These are the shops without which life would not be so silly.

Coolthings is a shop of gadgets, gizmos and other cool stuff run by a cool guy called Peter. He’s a bit of a Dr Who fan too, so you’ll find daleks and other Dr Who paraphernalia. There are lots of things to suit all ages and situations from office gifts to romance, things to keep the kids busy and encourage new interests.

Silly Gifts Suggestions by Category

We've chosen some of the silliest products and feature them on these pages…