Bob the Builder Party and Gift Ideas

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Bob the Builder Party Ideas

  • Games
    • Brick Passing – Start with two or more lines each with a pile of fake bricks made out of toy blocks or shoe boxes. The first team to have all the bricks at the other end gets a prize.
    • Pin the Tools on Bob – This is just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Get a poster of Bob the Builder and create some tools to pin on while the person pinning is blindfolded.
    • Foreman Says – Create your own variation of the classic party game ‘Simon Says’.
  • Food Ideas – For snack time a whistle is blown and all the ‘construction workers’ gather for bag lunches such as party pies and sausage rolls.
  • Invitations – Cut birthday invitations into the shapes of construction tools made out of yellow cardboard.
  • Decorations – Rolls of caution tape are available from any hardware store and can be used to wrap gifts, decorate the party area or to barricade off areas where the kids should and should not play. It may also be possible to make a few yellow caution signs and hang them around the party area.

Construction Gifts & Toys

  • There are  toy shops listed under babies, toddlers, girls, and boys. Search individual shop sites to find all their latest Bob the Builder and construction style gifts.


Some Gift Suggestions

Bob the Builder : Pocket TreasuryBob the Builder : Pocket Treasury from Booktopia
Collected together in this hardback, jacketed book are nine delightful stories, with bright and colourful illustrations from the ‘Bob the Builder’ Story Library.
The titles included in the Bob the Builder Pocket Treasury are :

  • Bob and the Fix-It Day
  • Scruffty and the Goat Hunt
  • Gripper, Grabber and the Sports Stadium
  • Pilchard and the Big Surprise
  • Spud and the Funny Trees
  • Scoop and the Bakery Build
  • Lofty and the Singing Stars
  • Travis and the Tropical Fruit
  • Muck and the Machine Convoy

Can they fix it? Yes they can!

Bob the Builder Big Book Of WordsBob the Builder Big Book Of Words from Booktopia
Join Bob and his friends in and around Sunflower Valley and learn lots of new words along the way!
With numbers, letters, colours, telling the time and more, this is a fun introduction to the world of words!

Bob the Builder Deluxe Colouring BookBob the Builder Deluxe Colouring Book from Booktopia
Welcome to the world of Bob the Builder. Bob the Builder was created in the UK in 1998. The show currently airs in over 240 territories and in 45 languages. It can be seen daily in Australia on ABC Kids. With their chorus of “Can we fix it?” “Yes, we can!” Bob and his crew of talking machines teach the value of teamwork, problem solving and achieving something by working together. Containing 48 pages of colouring and activities, ideal for felt-tip pens!

Bob the Builder Pop Out Mask BookBob the Builder Pop Out Mask Book from Booktopia
Bob and his team will provide hours of fun for children ready to get their tools out and get to work.
Include 8 read-to-wear masks with elastic already place for easy use.
Make each mask uniquely your own by adding some colour before wearing!
Each mask is perforated, making it easy to get ready to wear.
Bob the Builder and his friends have been a favourite with young kids foryears and encourage hard work, friendship and creativity.

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