Music Themed Party Ideas

A musical theme is a great way to have an active party. The activities you choose will depend on the age of the guests: piñatas are suitable for teenagers and adults, while younger children will enjoy musical chairs.

Games & Activities

  • Musical Chairs
  • Pass-the-parcel
  • Do a musical-themed treasure hunt using pictures of instruments or music groups (The Wiggles, Hi5, etc). This game can keep children occupied for a long time and can be done indoors or out.
  • Get a lot of cheap musical toys for children as the prizes – castanets, etc
  • Teach the children a simple dance (like the chicken dance) and have competitions.
  • Make your own instruments (using things like combs, rubber bands, containers filled with rice and upturned ice-cream containers) and have fun making music.

Music Themed Clothing and Costumes

Music Themed Party Products

Music Themed Party Food

Creating party food with a musical theme helps bring the party together.

  • Musical cake – white icing on a square cake. Thin strips of liquorice to create the staff and smarties and liquorice strips to create notes. This can be done on a smaller scale with cupcakes.
  • Piano cake fingers – arrange slices of vanilla and chocolate cake (or lamington fingers) to look like piano keys
  • Record/CD shaped pizza – make the inner circle plain cheese, or cheese and pineapple. The outer circle should be darker, use ingredients like pepperoni, capsicum, olives, tomato, meatballs or a mixture of these. If making a CD there should be a very small dark circle in the middle as well, a piece of peperoni works well.
  • Put a bowl of dip in the middle of a plate and arrange carrot and celery sticks around it to look like a CD or record.

Dress-ups, Party Costumes and Decorations for all ages

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