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Music Themed Party Ideas

A musical theme is a great way to have an active party. The activities you choose will depend on the age of the guests: piñatas are suitable for teenagers and adults, while younger children will enjoy musical chairs.

Games & Activities

  • Musical Chairs
  • Pass-the-parcel
  • Do a musical-themed treasure hunt using pictures of instruments or music groups (The Wiggles, Hi5, etc). This game can keep children occupied for a long time and can be done indoors or out.
  • Get a lot of cheap musical toys for children as the prizes – castanets, etc
  • Teach the children a simple dance (like the chicken dance) and have competitions.
  • Make your own instruments (using things like combs, rubber bands, containers filled with rice and upturned ice-cream containers) and have fun making music.

Music Themed Clothing and Costumes

  • Costume Box – Thousands of fancy dress costumes for adults and children for all occasions. Most costumes are dispatched within 24 hours. Based in Sydney with flat rate delivery Australia wide. They have girls dancewear, girls TV & movie characters (including Jitterbug Girls and High School Musical) and boys TV & movie characters (including Elvis, Greasers and The Wiggles).

Music Themed Party Food

Creating party food with a musical theme helps bring the party together.

  • Musical cake – white icing on a square cake. Thin strips of liquorice to create the staff and smarties and liquorice strips to create notes. This can be done on a smaller scale with cupcakes.
  • Piano cake fingers – arrange slices of vanilla and chocolate cake (or lamington fingers) to look like piano keys
  • Record/CD shaped pizza – make the inner circle plain cheese, or cheese and pineapple. The outer circle should be darker, use ingredients like pepperoni, capsicum, olives, tomato, meatballs or a mixture of these. If making a CD there should be a very small dark circle in the middle as well, a piece of peperoni works well.
  • Put a bowl of dip in the middle of a plate and arrange carrot and celery sticks around it to look like a CD or record.